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Best Burger of Orlando 2014

These 10 new Denver restaurants are ready to feed you

Summer's in the rearview and the colder months are starting to creep in, so take advantage of your forthcoming need for extra protection against Old Man Winter and fatten up at these 10 new Denver restaurants.

Zagat Top 10 Best Burgers in NY

New Yorkers are opinionated about everything and that's especially true when it comes to burgers, so we weren't surprised that you had a lot to say about the city's bun-and-patty scene.

Zagat Top 10 Best Burgers in Miami

Our motto in Miami is "go big or go home" for just about everything - cocktails, parties and, of course, burgers. In our recent survey, it's clear locals love the finer things, like truffle-topped patties, but the standby classics garnered love as well. Here are the top 10 best burgers in Miami based on your votes.

BurgerFi® on WCTV (CBS)

May is national burger month! we found a few local Tallahassee hangouts that offer a different ...

BurgerFi® Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day: Every Day is Earth Day at BurgerFi, the growing South Florida-based hamburger chain.

BurgerFi® by Team Lebron

BurgerFi® is a new boutique restaurant that has been popping up all over South Florida and as of recent has expanded to various cities around the U.S.

Chef Paul Talks BurgerFi® on GMA Live

Chef Paul Talks BurgerFi® on GMA Live, min 6:30

12 Small Chains That Might Dominate the World

There are few industries in America as glutted as the chain-restaurant market, but, luckily for fledgling eateries, gluttony loves company.

BurgerFi® Named Fastest Growing Chain with Sales under $200M

The 500 largest U.S. restaurant chains registered a 3.5 percent annual sales increase in 2013, a significant decline from 4.9 percent the prior year.

BurgerFi® Featured on WCAU

A 'Better Burger' Joint to Open Opposite Convention Center.

BurgerFi® Opens in City Place

Here are the stories people are talking about around South Florida on January 28, 2014.

BurgerFi® Earns Loyal Customers Through Community Service

Jim Pagano knows what it takes to run a successful business venture, having previously worked in electrical product manufacturing in Asia and in home-furnishing stores.

Make a Burger, Make a Friend

Make a Burger, Make a Friend

BurgerFi® Amongst Cleanest Restaurants in San Antonio

BurgerFi® Amongst Cleanest Restaurants in San Antonio.

2013 Best Dessert In Miami - The Red Velvet Concrete At BurgerFi®

A frozen custard is similar to ice cream, except it has the additions of eggs, cream and more sugar.

BurgerFi® Opens in Sugar Land, Texas

BurgerFi® Sugar Land will be the second Houston-area location in addition to The Woodlands for the national frachise and the seventh Texas location.

BurgerFi® Continues Expansion in Texas

National Franchise Celebrates 33rd Restaurant Opening & Second Location in the Houston area

BurgerFi® will Open in Sugar Land this Weekend

A new burger spot is opening in Sugar Land this Saturday, November 23 and it's bringing its quinoa burgers with it.

BurgerFi® is for Foodies

BurgerFi®, Ann Arbor's newest place to grab a patty and fries, would have us call this the "Burgerfication" of Ann Arbor.

All Natural, All Good

Despite the enthusiasm and excitement it has stirred among Key West locals, "that new burger place on Duval" actually has a name.

BurgerFi® Opens First Location in Michigan

The burger concept dedicated to the Burgerfication of the Nation™, BurgerFi®, has opened its newest location in Ann Arbor, Mich. Palm Beach, Fla.-based BurgerFi® is one of several all-natural burger concepts in the U.S.

New Ann Arbor BurgerFi® Features Full Liquor Bar

BurgerFi® celebrated its newest fast-casual restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on October 1.

BurgerFi® Open in Michigan

BurgerFi® has opened its latest location in Ann Arbor, Mich., near the University of Michigan.

Coming Soon: BurgerFi® restaurant plans October opening on South University

University of Michigan students will have a new restaurant to add to their selection of near-campus food offerings next week: BurgerFi®.

BurgerFi® Opens First Location in Michigan

On October 1, the Burgerfication of the Nation™ continues with the opening of another BurgerFi®, one of the fastest growing all-natural burger concepts in the country, celebrating its newest fast casual restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Hip, efficient, inexpensive BurgerFi® off to a strong start

BurgerFi® is moving faster than a pack of paparazzi chasing a million-dollar smile.

South University to get burger joint

The restaurant's belief in a 'green' business model and food-preparation habits has garnered rapid success.

BurgerFi® opening in Key West

BurgerFi® opens its newest fast casual restaurant Sept. 18 at 221 Duval St., in the heart of Key West, Fla.

BurgerFi® Debuts Full Liquor Bar at Newest FL Unit

BurgerFi® restaurants feature a wide variety of all-natural, USA-sourced Angus beef burgers made from grass-fed cattle and served with a variety of topping options.

BurgerFi® Making Its Way Onto 17th Street Causeway in Fort Lauderdale

The new location will offer the same custom-made burgers, specialty hot dogs, hand-cut French fries, massive onion rings, frozen custards and concretes, craft beer, and wine that can be found throughout the chain.

'Make a Burger, Make a Friend' event pairs culinary students with autistic teens

Juicy burgers brought dozens together Saturday afternoon as they chowed down for a good cause at BurgerFi®.


BurgerFi® prides itself on it's all-natural, grass fed beef and sustainability.

The Burgerfication of the North Shore

In the mood for a burger? You don't have to look very far in the Chicagoland area to find one.

The return of the burger-joint cheeseburger

The burger joint is back with a vengeance and serving up classic American fare slathered with special sauce and smothered in American cheese for under $10. Made from all-natural Angus beef, BurgerFi® comes out on top as the Number 1 "Habit Forming" Cheeseburger in New York!

New York Magazine's Cheap Eats 2013

From food trucks to foreign cuisine, NY Mag breaks down the list of the best Cheap Eats in the Big Apple. With a menu featuring all-natural Angus beef burgers for under $10, BurgerFi® is better for you, and for your wallet.

BurgerFi®: Best New Burger Joint in Town

Not every new 2012 restaurant has to be fancy. BurgerFi® made the list despite being a southern-region fast food chain because it is the best new burger joint in town...

BurgerFi® franchisee gears up for new Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs eateries

Eric Koeser is gearing up to bring Central Florida it's second and possibly third BurgerFi® locations by early next year...

BurgerFi® Adding More Locations in Florida (Plus North Carolina, Texas, and Elsewhere)

The BurgerFi® brand is expanding beyond Florida with franchises set to open this year in Cary, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; and Raleigh, North Carolina. Six additional Florida stores also will open with Winter Park, Aventura, Tampa, Westin, and Naples all getting locations...

54. Supreme Burger With "Cry and Fries" at BurgerFi®

We're counting down to New Times' Best Of Broward/Palm Beach 2012 issue in June by serving up our top 100 favorite dishes. Click here for a full archive. If you have any nominations of your own, please add them to the comments or visit our Facebook page...

Burger concepts look to break into Orlando

The Chick-Fil-A cows -- who encourage diners to "eat mor chikin" -- better look out: Burger concepts are trying to invade the Orlando area.

Five "better burger" concepts and one fast-food chain are pushing to capture the attention of interested entrepreneurs as they look to expand in Central Florida through franchising...

Raleigh is getting a BurgerFi®

Looks like another burger joint is rolling into town. After a quick stop into Trader Joe's in Raleigh, I spotted a sign hanging on the side of the Holly Park Shopping Center's building announcing that BurgerFi® is "Opening Soon"...

May is National Hamburger Month: Here's How to Celebrate in South Florida

With all of the love burgers have gotten in the last year in South Florida, it seems superfluous to point out that Tuesday, May 1, is the start of National Hamburger Month. Do burgers really need any more veneration than they already receive...

Where to Get a Veggie Burger in South Florida During National Hamburger Month

As Clean Plate Charlie pointed out earlier this week, May is National Hamburger Month. You can read our list of ways to celebrate the occasion here. But if you're not a meat eater, there's no reason to be left completely out of the fun. After the jump, we've got a list of eleven places to get a veggie burger in South Florida. I realize these choices are not hamburgers, but remember: vegetarians love food too! As a bonus, most (not all) of these places have actual hamburgers too, so everyone can walk away happy...

BurgerFi® to open Winter Park location on Park Avenue

Gourmet burger chain BurgerFi® International LLC is opening a restaurant on Park Avenue, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The North Palm Beach-based chain currently has 23 restaurants nationwide. Earlier this year, BurgerFi® told...