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Dining out is a way of life for us in America, where enjoying a meal at a restaurant is an affordable escape from the cares of everyday life. In 2014 American's are projected to spend $683.4 Billion eating out, with quick serve hamburgers being the largest market segment accounting for $69.7 Billion, and fast causal better burgers accounting for another $2.4 Billion and growing. The burger is no longer just a quick inexpensive fast food meal, instead people demand better quality and are willing to pay for it. Fast food chains have attempted to meet this demand with their "Angus" burgers, but consumers expect more.

With the BurgerFication of the Nation®, BurgerFi® is the answer with its natural Angus burgers served fresh and hot in a relaxing fast casual setting. Fresh cut fries, natural custards and a selection of craft beers and wines all enhance the BurgerFi® experience and make enjoying a burger something to look forward to.