March = 3 New Locations!

March is here, and what an exciting month it is going to be! Three new cities will see BurgerFi open their doors. We decided to share a fun fact about each of the new places we will soon call home.

First up: Avon, Connecticut

This will be our first location in Connecticut and our most northern location. We can’t wait to make our entrance into the Constitution State!

Fact about Avon:

– Avon was founded in 1830, even though families had been living there since 1754.

Next up: a little place called New York City

Opening up in New York means we’ve made it the big leagues! We are thrilled to be able to call the Big Apple home!

There are so many fun facts about New York. Here are two that surprised us!

– Did you know that New York City served as the capital of the United States in the 1780s?

– The musicians who perform in the NYC Subway system have to go through a competitive audition process — some of the subway musicians have also played at Carnegie Hall.

Last but not least: Atlanta, Georgia

That’s right we’re coming to the ATL, and we can’t wait!

This fact is representative of just how amazing the people of Atlanta really are!

– Atlanta’s Capitol Dome is layered in 43 ounces of pure gold that was mined in Dahlonega, Georgia – the site of America’s first Gold Rush.