Fun Upcycling Projects!

It’s amazing the number of items that you would normally throw away that can be turned into something amazing if you take a second look at them. Take a look below at a few of our favorite upcycling projects from

Did you get yet another vase this Valentine’s Day? Here is an idea to spruce it up and turn it into something unique. Use food coloring to dye some rope. Wrap it around your vase and secure it using a hot glue gun!

 Need some new coasters? Cut circles (or squares if you want to get crazy) out of an old cork board. Then cut out pieces of a map to match. Stick the map to the cork using a glue sealant. Give the top a coat of sealant too. You can use lacquer to make the top look shinny. Now you’ve got coasters that are fun and educational! 


Have you used yet another box of those disinfectant wipes? Don’t throw the empty bottle away! Use the box to store your extra plastic bags. Click here to find out how to fold the bags so that one pops up when you pull one out.

Have your own upcycling project you love? Share it with us below!